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Sales / Marketing

Gaining new customers on the international platform takes a huge effort, time and expense and requires knowledge on the country and market as well as the country's commercial working conditions and even laws. Speaking the same language is important to build dialogue and trust.

Participation in the expos, advertisement works, company visits mean great cost and long time. In fact, the costs of establishing a company or a warehouse if needed in that country, may become a hornet's nest.

Long negotiations that may involve receiving requests, offers and bargaining processes, contracts, approval of samples, production phase, delivery, collection, correspondence and maybe repeated company visits await.

Regnum Fasteners does it quickly and professionally on your behalf without need for all this.


Finding the right manufacturer is so important that it cannot be learned by trial and error. We do not have enough time to meet with dozens of different companies to achieve price/quality performance. Losing time means losing work and money.

Products delivered are of the same quality of the sample handed to you and delivered at the promised time are the most sensitive issues.

Knowing which product can be produced by which company fast, high quality and cheap is another specialty. It is imperative to make the right contract in accordance with the laws of that country, which may take years to learn.

Regnum Fasteners committed to perform all these duties on your behalf, saving you time and money delivering quality and experience.