Fastener sector is an industry with its own dynamics, details and particulars. Product sales and supply in this sector requires a good deal of technical knowledge as well as national and international industry and market insights.

Regnum Fasteners was founded in Germany by people who have been operating professionally in the fastener industry for many years. It has been servicing from the offices in Germany, Turkey, Bulgaria and Estonia. It is organized by a team that can speak German, English, Russian, Bulgarian and Turkish languages commercially. Our team knows manufacturers in Turkey, end users and wholesaler companies in Europe, and constantly monitors world markets.

Regnum Fasteners supplies fasteners, sheet metal parts, springs and other metal parts needs of manufacturers, users and suppliers of Europe and the world. It also meets the demands of machinery and equipment for cold forging dies and production technologies.

Regnum Fasteners with its localized office in Turkey knows the producers here. All the procurement and export services of the products are completed by a professional team getting involved in the stages such as the creation of requests, bidding, production, and delivery.